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Design is really all about the way something makes you “feel”.

Well these 4 foyer inspiration boards remind me of traveling….destinations, if you will.

I love tropical.  Makes me feel relaxed and I can imagine all the windows open with the ocean breeze coming through the home.  Shades of green, lots of white, & a little touch of glam take me to South Florida.

I love “Old Hollywood”.  Reminds me of family vacations to California when I was younger.  Brass, metallics, gold, art deco, mid-century & hollywood regency decor send me straight to Sunset Boulevard.

& last but not least, the desert.  Fun trips to Vegas, Arizona, & the California desert stick out in my mind because the landscape is just so different from what I’m used to that it’s intriguing.  Cacti, palm prints, stucco walls, metallics & shiny things all remind me of those good times.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 12.10.04 PM


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I have come across an Australian artist that I want everything she does.  Miranda Skoczek.

Check it out.

'Air Fire Water' 2009

‘Air Fire Water’ 2009

'Among My Swan' 2010

‘Among My Swan’ 2010

'An Impala Through My Window' 2009

‘An Impala Through My Window’ 2009

'Bear Mountain' 2012

‘Bear Mountain’ 2012

'She Thought of Colour and Birds' 2011

‘She Thought of Colour and Birds’ 2011

'Sunnylands' 2011

‘Sunnylands’ 2011

'The Exuberant and Lavish' 2009

‘The Exuberant and Lavish’ 2009

'The Impressive Macaw' 2012

‘The Impressive Macaw’ 2012

'The Purple Nest' 2012

‘The Purple Nest’ 2012

'The Wonderfully Handsome Zebra' 2012

‘The Wonderfully Handsome Zebra’ 2012

'The Young and Colourful Doe' 2010

‘The Young and Colourful Doe’ 2010

'Triangles with a Slightly Japanese Inflection' 2009

‘Triangles with a Slightly Japanese Inflection’ 2009

'Wondrous Wings' 2011

‘Wondrous Wings’ 2011

I’ll take one of each.  Ahhhhhhh LOVE her work.


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What could be more awesome than a euro mounted buck on some old barn wood?


Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 9.16.07 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 10.05.27 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 9.22.22 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 9.21.15 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 9.20.14 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 9.20.35 PM

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 9.31.35 PM

A bronze European mount.

Elk, Impala, Antelope, Oh My!

O.  M.  G.  I am in love.

Do yourself a favor and check out the artist of all of these masterpieces, Ashley Tudor.  She’s amazing.


Her featured article in the Field and Stream Magazine.


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Zillow Crushing.

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Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 11.44.10 AM

our current “office/kitchenette”


our “family room”

more to come…….

oh, & p.s.- that cute extremely dark green marrakesh wax warmer pictured in the first photo above is the “Morrocco” Warmer by Scentsy & can be purchased through me on the website below!  (More about Scentsy at a later time :-))


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