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Screen shot 2013-01-22 at 11.44.10 AM

our current “office/kitchenette”


our “family room”

more to come…….

oh, & p.s.- that cute extremely dark green marrakesh wax warmer pictured in the first photo above is the “Morrocco” Warmer by Scentsy & can be purchased through me on the website below!  (More about Scentsy at a later time :-))



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My style these days in a nutshell

bedroom decor board 2

Inspiration for when I redo “my bedroom” @ parent’s house.

rustic bejeweled kitchen:fam room

This is what I call “Rustic Bejeweled”.

natural zen trop decor board

“Natural Zen with a Tropic Feel”  This is probably the one I would have in my home :).

Aqua, Chrome & Pink decor board

“Aqua, Chrome & Pink”  Gosh I love Teal & Pink together!  It makes my inner girly girl happy.

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Well this just made my day.  I had just got done working out and noticed a flower van going down the driveway, so I opened the door, & before me was a BEAUTIFUL spring bouquet!  I thought, darn, now I know these aren’t for me.  I read the card, and they were for MY DOGS!!! lol.  Just an early Valentine’s Day present for them from their “grandma”.  Thanks Mom, they are GORGEOUS!!!

As you can tell, they love them 😉

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