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I have come across an Australian artist that I want everything she does.  Miranda Skoczek.

Check it out.

'Air Fire Water' 2009

‘Air Fire Water’ 2009

'Among My Swan' 2010

‘Among My Swan’ 2010

'An Impala Through My Window' 2009

‘An Impala Through My Window’ 2009

'Bear Mountain' 2012

‘Bear Mountain’ 2012

'She Thought of Colour and Birds' 2011

‘She Thought of Colour and Birds’ 2011

'Sunnylands' 2011

‘Sunnylands’ 2011

'The Exuberant and Lavish' 2009

‘The Exuberant and Lavish’ 2009

'The Impressive Macaw' 2012

‘The Impressive Macaw’ 2012

'The Purple Nest' 2012

‘The Purple Nest’ 2012

'The Wonderfully Handsome Zebra' 2012

‘The Wonderfully Handsome Zebra’ 2012

'The Young and Colourful Doe' 2010

‘The Young and Colourful Doe’ 2010

'Triangles with a Slightly Japanese Inflection' 2009

‘Triangles with a Slightly Japanese Inflection’ 2009

'Wondrous Wings' 2011

‘Wondrous Wings’ 2011

I’ll take one of each.  Ahhhhhhh LOVE her work.



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