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Well, I have recently found out something pretty big about myself…..

……*drumroll please*……

I really do love a contemporary kitchen, and I mean L-O-V-E.

Who’da thunk it?  But I do….very much.  I mean when did I start liking shiny white laminate, lighter wood look, sparkling quartz counters, & flat panel cabinets?

 They are so clean looking & glamorous & sexy & sleek & shiny & exotic.  How can you resist really?  For all you skeptics out there that think a contemporary/modern kitchen is cold, prepare to have your mind blown.  All of those preconceived notions & images will hopefully be gone forever.

Never say never folks…..

  Here are some of my favorites!  Enjoy!

This is my FAVORITE one.  I’m not even a red or grey person & I would have this kitchen in a heartbeat.  It all just works.  Love that floor.  Love everything.

Can I just say WOW.  That wall of windows is to die for.  Amazing.  Love how it brings the outdoors in & yet is so clean & warm at the same time.

More of that light wood look that I didn’t think I liked, but apparently I do.  Oh, & how bout’ that window?  Go big or go home I say.

That soapstone sink & counter sucked me right in.

This one goes out to my inner club goin’ girl.  Gah I love me some LED’s & thick glass.  I think this look would make one heck of an outdoor bar/kitchen entertaining space.

Those glass door uppers had me at hello.

This one screams feminine to me with that gorg mother of pearl backsplash.  Love the creamy palette and how they went with an off-white vs a bright white.  Me likey mucho gusto.

This one gives off eclectic modern farmhouse vibes to me, but with that all white look that a lot of people adore.

LOVE the 2-tone mix of cabinet colors!  One of my favorite looks.

EXTRA-THICK counter & waterfall island.  Nuff said.  It looks like calacatta marble to me & boy is it B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

These give me that tropical-zen-islander look that I long for…man I wish I was in Hawaii or Fiji right now.

Boom.  Just like that I do a 180.  I really do lean more to the masculine side when it comes to design.

ok, so this probably wouldn’t have made it in my stash if it didn’t have those FABULOUS sparkly quartz counters.  I do like the high gloss white cabinets–but typically I’m not a black-white-grey-red combo type of person.

Ok…this isn’t really my everyday style either–too bold.  But I appreciate it & like the color combo bc turquoise happens to be one of my favorite colors.

Phew!  That was a lot of kitchens.  So, I gave both my boyfriend & my mom (separately) the challenge to pick their favorite out of all of them under the condition they couldn’t change a thing & would have to live with it just how it’s pictured.  Well, well, what do you know, “Mr. & Mrs. didn’t think they liked the lighter wood look either” are now converted because their favorite was my favorite.  Guess this one takes the cake.


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