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I just have to share this find with y’all, I know it’s past Christmas & the Holiday season, but this is something you can use year round.  This year I waited until the very last minute to get my Christmas Cards sent out and I’m glad I did!

Since I had waited so long, the option of having them shipped to me to address and mail myself was out of the question, so I noticed on a few websites that they would address, stamp, & mail them out for me-how awesome!  Consequently, adding that convenient service nearly doubled the price of my order.  Grrrrrr.  After much shopping around and designing various Christmas photo cards on popular websites….I finally struck gold!  I came across Cardstore.com and noticed that they had a 50% off promo code, so I started to shop around their site and design a few cards.  I never looked back at those other sites; they had so many high quality custom cards with endless amounts of choices and personalizations that could be made.  AND they were 50% off.  AND they would address, stamp, & mail them out for me for no extra charge?!?  I wasted no time and ordered them AND I wasn’t let down, as they met all my expectations.  (Take a look at my 2011 Christmas Card below)

They run promo codes often, and when they do it’s my one stop shop for any kind of card, announcement, stationery, etc etc that I may be looking for.


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