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Well, we took the plunge and got another dog.  For those of you that have read the “about me” on my page, you know we have an awesome 1 1/2 year old male long-haired Dachshund named Cowboy, whom of which we adore.  (Cowboy pictured below in his antlers :))

We had been teetering on the idea of getting another Dachshund for him (& us), but the idea of the long nights of staying up to take him outside, potty training, teething, neutering, & all the “what ifs….” were still a little fresh in my mind so we quickly talked ourselves out of it for the time being.  After talking with friends with “only” dogs who are tossing the idea around as well and talking with friends that have two dogs….we slowly talked ourselves back into it.  After much research, we found a reputable breeder out of Texas & fell in love with one of her puppies in particular:  a 5 month old male shaded english cream long-haired Dachshund.

His name is Tex and he will be 6 months old in a few weeks and he has been a DREAM COME TRUE!  The complete opposite so far from Cowboy’s potty training, this dog already goes to the door to let us know he has to go potty AND doesn’t let his hound nose get the best of him outside and comes right back to the front door.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Now onto the lovesnicethings part of my blog:  As animal lovers (& Dachshunds being prone to back problems), we wanted to feed our dogs the best foods that we can.  The problem we had was Cowboy is such a picky eater, he wouldn’t eat just any food like most dogs would.  After trying SO MANY of the holistic, gourmet , organic, grain-free, freeze-dried & frozen raw foods, I am now able to share some of the great foods that we have come across & they are “Cowboy Approved” for all of y’all with a picky eater.  Keep in mind that ALL of these foods are top notch & any dog would probably be happy & lucky to be eating any of them.

*Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Duck Duck Goose (pretty much doggie crack & Cowboy’s favorite) a unique benefit is it already includes probiotics that helps with their stomachs in the same way yogurt helps us and makes traveling with your pet a breeze since it does not have to be refrigerated or frozen and comes in individual puck size portions.

*Northwest Naturals Frozen Raw Bison or Lamb in Bars or Nuggets (another favorite of Cowboy’s) it’s a little different from the other raw food I’m going to mention because it’s made in Human Food Grade Facilities & it’s actually cheaper than the rest! win win.

*Natures Variety Frozen Raw Rabbit or Chicken (good quality frozen food)

*Primal Frozen Raw Duck (good quality frozen food)

*Pinnacle Grain Free Turkey & Potato kibble (dry food)

*Fromm Grain Free Kibble (dry food)

*Orijen Kibble (dry food)

We started Tex on a raw diet immediately and it’s been really good to him and us.  When Cowboy was teething as a puppy he would vomit and have loose stool from time to time, & let me just say Tex is mid-teething with his permanent teeth coming in and he has been doing great on the raw diet–has yet to vomit or have the runs, & LOVES to eat it.  He’s definitely the eater out of the two…he’s not picky in the least bit and eats Cowboy’s food too if he can :).  Highly highly recommend!


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